Oliver Gall

Oliver GALL

GALL Oliver OMG you did it!! Cardiff Uni won't know what's hit it - The "Party Animal" has arrived. All the Bradley clan are so proud of your achievement. Ollie, WELL DONE. Love and kisses from Nan Zita & Grandad Charlie, all Uncles, Aunts and Cousins. "Go for it" xxxxxxxxxx Well Michelle & Tim, you must be so proud. 2 out of 2. A credit to you both xxxx



  • thebradleyoldiessays...

    Well Ol, you got there! We know the studying pat doesn't come easy so we know how hard it's been for you. That's what makes your achievement so very special. Enjoy Uni - but not too much. All our love Nan Zita & Grandad Charlie
  • thebradleyoldiessays...

    The second of our great grandsons to achieve a place at Uni. We are very proud of you Ollie. G/Nan & G/G'dad Loach
  • The proud parents!says...

    We are so proud of you Olly. You worked hard, and had a very difficult year! The look on your face when you heard you had got a place in Cardiff will be one I shall remember all my life.We are both so very proud. But also remember you are there to work too! xx x x x x x x x
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