MUSICIAN Pete Boddis is launching a new venture for vinyl lovers at his Vintage music shop in Stourbridge.

Pete, who has been running the quirky shop above Suites Galore in Lower High Street for three years, already has a large collection of retro and new seven and 12 inch records but he has amassed such a collection of old 78s that he’s dedicating an entire new section to them.

The 72-year-old, a former newspaper lino type operator turned professional musician who decided to open the shop after retiring, said: “I’ve got about 2,000 of them – from 1920s music hall numbers through to rock ‘n’ roll - Elvis, Bill Haley, early blues stuff. We’ve got a wide variety of stuff.”

He added: “The kids are buying these record players today and they don’t realise what they can play on them.”

The new collection will be launched within the next couple of weeks.

Pete is also soon to launch a brand new ‘pickin parlor’ at the shop, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, which will give music fans chance to drop in, get together and hear musicians play.

His shop is open 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. For enquiries call 07802 432901or email