A BRIERLEY Hill woman with serious drug and alcohol problems who raided a pensioner’s home and stole biscuits and chocolate bars because she was hungry has been spared further jail time.

Judge Michael Dudley at Wolverhampton Crown Court told Leanne Dovey her 85-year-old victim would undoubtably have been left terrified by the attack on his home in Amblecote Road.

But he ruled it was in the best interests of the public for the 26-year-old to receive treatment to get her back on the straight and narrow.

He told her: "Make the effort and there is a chance you will rid yourself of drugs.”

Dovey, of Lower Derry Street, was with an accomplice when they smashed a kitchen window with a lump hammer and a wheelie bin was used to climb onto and get into the property.

But the pensioner spotted lights on downstairs and when he went to investigate he saw a figure quickly jump out of the window - Rhydian James, prosecuting, said.

He told the court a neighbour saw two people running away and when police arrived they found chocolate bars and biscuits on the floor.

Dovey was quickly tracked down by officers, said Mr James, because she left behind a fingerprint on a piece of broken glass in the kitchen.

After her arrest Dovey told police she had little recollection of the incident because of the drugs she had taken and the alcohol she had downed but she did maintain she was simply after food.

Jas Mann, defending, said Dovey - who admitted burglary - had spent five weeks behind bars after being remanded for the preparation of medical reports.

He told the court she had "enjoyed" her time in custody having been reduced to an extremely low state by drinking far too much and taking illicit drugs.

Mr Mann added: "There was no structure in her life. She is now in a more sober and sensible state of mind and looking forward to getting on."

The Judge made Dovey the subject of a two-year community order coupled with two years supervision with a condition she attends a drug rehabilitation programme.

He further told her she must obey a four-month curfew order between the hours of 7pm and 7am.