A TEENAGED Brierley Hill drink driver who hit a car belonging to an off-duty police officer after stealing his grandmother's Ford Escort has been jailed for a year.

Adam Warr, who had downed 16 cans of lager the previous evening, went out in the early hours after hearing a friend's sister had been attacked.

The 18-year-old clipped the police officer's car on Stourbridge Ring Road as he tried to undertake and he then sped off hitting speeds of 60mph in a 30mph limit.

Warr forced two pedestrians to jump to safety as he tried to shake off the pursuing car and other motorists also had to take action to avoid a collision - Sati Ruck, prosecuting at Wolverhampton Crown Court, said.

She told the court the teenager also drove through traffic lights on red as he desperately tried to shake off the officer.

Warr then drove to a park where a woman police officer tried to get him to stop but he drove straight at her forcing her to jump out of the path of his vehicle.

Then, when police went to his home in Mill Street he pushed one officer hard in the chest causing her to fall over while he grabbed another around the throat.

Warr admitted aggravated vehicle taking, driving with excess alcohol, without a licence or insurance and two charges of assaults on police.

Judge Amjad Nawaz told him it was only good fortune that no-one had been injured and added: "These are your first convictions but you must understand a motor car is an extremely dangerous weapon.

"I am confident that when you are sober you are a decent, law-abiding young man but I have my public duty to fulfill and you must go into custody."

Amanda Jenkins, defending, said Warr jumped into the car when he took the call that his friend's sister had been assaulted because he "wanted to help."

When he hit the car on the ring road he drove off in "sheer panic" and he now realised it had been an "extremely foolish action."

She said the teenager, who assaulted the two police officers because he did not want to be handcuffed, was "utterly ashamed" of his behaviour.

The judge, who sent Warr to a Young Offenders Institution to serve his sentence, also disqualified him from driving for a year.