STOURBRIDGE campaigners have begun a new drive to get speed limits cut in the town's Old Quarter.

A group called 20Stourbridge was officially launched on Saturday December 1 to demand the creation of a 20mph zone in a mainly residential area between Stourbridge ring road and Norton.

Campaigner Edward Davies with Wollaston and Stourbridge Town councillors Ian Marrey and Chris Hale are leading 20Stourbridge with support from national action group 20s Plenty for Us, who aim to encourage discussion and debate about the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas.

Ian Marrey said: "Recent changes in government policy have made it easier for local councils to implement 20mph limits on their streets without the need for expensive and sometimes unpopular traffic calming measures.

"We recognise that 20mph limits alone are not the answer, they must form part of a solution that makes our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists."

20Stourbridge leaders say although they are focusing on the Old Quarter, they have identified other residential areas where cut in speed limits from 30mph to 20mph may be appropriate - and they are encouraging residents to contact them.

Edward Davies said: "The benefits of a reduced speed limit makes sense in terms of pedestrian, car user and cyclist safety, less pollution and fuel consumption, lower repair bills following an accident and a respect for residents to enjoy equally the public space between their houses with road users."

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