A BRIERLEY Hill "psycho" has been jailed for stabbing her student lover as he tried to escape a bizarre sex game.

Emily Goode was caged for 27 months after Wolverhampton Crown Court heard she attcked a man she met in Lloyds Bar, Stourbridge, when the couple ended up back at her flat in Brompton Drive.

Richard Francks, prosecuting, told the court Goode, aged 28, met the Wolverhampton University student in the bar and after drinking together they began flirting and went back to the flat for sex.

Mr Franks said it was then that "things turned strange" and she came onto him extremely strongly.

Goode undressed herself and the student, also in his 20s, and then picked up a knife - causing the young man considerable concern.

She ran the blade up and down his chest and told him: "It turns me on. Trust me. I won't hurt you" but he continued to be extremely worried.

She began getting rougher, said Mr Francks, and inflicted a deep scratch to his chest causing him to quickly get dressed as he called her a "psycho."

But Goode closed in on him again and as he turned round she stabbed him in the back.

The male fled and went to hospital where he received treatment for two wounds but he was then arrested after Goode told police he had tried to rape her.

After an investigation detectives dropped the case and arrested Goode who later told officers the sex had got out of hand adding: "He asked me to scratch and stab him."

She was bailed however a few months later two police officers in plain clothes but wearing stab vests bearing the West Midland Force badge saw her covered in blood in Stourbridge.

Mr Francks said: "She quite clearly did not believe the men were police officers and she formed the view they were there to kill her."

She was screaming and the officers concluded she was paranoid and under the influence of drugs, they called two police women to the scene to assist.

But, as the officers tried to calm her down, Goode rushed at one of the policemen and as he put up his hand to protect himself she hit him with a piece or porcelain causing a deep cut that severed a tendon in one of his fingers.

Goode pleaded guilty to two charges of wounding and another of possessing an offensive weapon - the porcelain - and she was told by Judge John Warner the circumstances of the case were "unique" in his career.

He told her: "There came a time when you stabbed this young man twice in the back. That is obviously a very serious thing to do, Sometimes that sort of thing can cause immense injury. Fortunately his injuries were not as serious as they might have been."

Simon Rippon, for Goode, a woman of previous good character, said: "I have never before come across an offence that includes these kind of details.

"It is very plain she was not thinking straight and that she had not been thinking straight for some time. For about two years her life has descended into a maelstrom of drinking and taking narcotics but she is now on an upward spiral."