VOTERS go to the polls today (Thursday January 31) to elect a new councillor for Wollaston and Stourbridge Town. The Dudley Council by-election follows the death of long-serving councillor and former Mayor of Dudley – Malcolm Knowles who lost his battle with cancer in October.

Labour are hoping to turn the ward red by electing party hopeful Barbara Sykes – after taking two seats from the Conservatives at the last local election in May 2012.

But she faces competition for a seat on Dudley Council from Tory rival Matt Rogers , independent candidate Russell Eden, Lib Dem stalwart Chris Bramall, UKIP candidate Barbara Deeley, Green Party member Ben Sweeney and British National Party (BNP) candidate Ken Griffiths.

The polls will be open until 10pm tonight and the votes will be counted immediately afterwards at Stourbridge Town Hall.