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CELBRITY INTERVIEW: Two-time Oscar-winner Denzel Washington is up for his third Academy Award this year, for his performance in Robert Zemeckis's drama Flight, which opens in cinemas on Friday, February 1. The legendary actor talks about his latest Oscar nod, his stripped-down performance and taking on iconic roles.

BOOKS:Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys was a worldwide bestseller that helped millions of parents to understand their sons. Now the leading psychologist is turning his attention to girls, in his latest book Raising Girls. He talks about his own childhood and warns of the dangers of kids growing up too quickly, social media, and other major issues of the 21st century.

GARDENING: Tips on how to create a romantic garden which will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day - plus, find out what else needs doing in the garden this week.

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