A JUDGE told a Stourbridge man he should feel humiliated after he admitted attacking his father's car with an axe.

Christopher Smart, aged 23, embedded the axe in the windscreen of his father's vehicle before chasing after him while brandishing the weapon.

Wolverhampton Crown Court was told drug user Smart, who was also armed with a six inch knife during the incident had, just three days earlier, thrown a large lump of concrete through the windscreen of his mother's car.

Recorder Richard Bond told Smart: "I hope you feel real humiliation sitting in the dock, I am watching your poor parents having to listen to the case against you and your mother is crying."

He said Smart was responsible for their heartbreak and added: "You should think about that when they are here to support you - someone they love and adore."

The Recorder went on: "You can blame it on drugs as much as you like. But you picked up two offensive weapons and you chased after a man who loves you. You are clearly in my view someone who needs help."

Smart, of Hungerford Road, admitted criminal damage and two charges of possessing an offensive weapon - the axe and knife - and was placed on supervision for a year.

He was warned by the Recorder: "This is your final chance" as he made it a condition of the order that he attends the drug rehabilitation programme.

Geoffrey Dann, prosecuting, told the court Smart was estranged from his parents at the time and living with his grandmother.

After his mother heard a loud banging noise she discovered the concrete had been thrown through her windscreen causing £100 damage and Smart was arrested.

The father then went to see him three days later and Smart embedded the axe in his windscreen before chasing him and shouting: "You are going to get it now."

Mr Dann said he then threw the axe in the direction of his frightened father but he jumped to one side to avoid being struck with the weapon.

The police were called and it took four officers and the use of CS gas to restrain and handcuff Smart who was extremely aggressive.

Kate Thomas, for Smart, told the court the family had been deeply affected by what happened but stressed they were giving her client, who had spent five months in custody on remand, their full support.