A KINGSWINFORD mother who stole thousands of pounds from pensioners at the nursing home where she looked after the finances has had nearly £14,000 seized from her bank accounts.

Two accounts that held the money taken by 40-year-old Tracy Bennett from Holbeache House in Wall Heath were frozen after her arrest.

They held a total of £13,982 and a confiscation order for that amount was made at a Proceeds of Crime hearing at Wolverhampton Crown Court.

Recorder Abigail Nixon agreed the money should be released and returned to Four Seasons - the company which ran the nursing home in Wolverhampton Road.

Edward Soulsby, prosecuting, told the court Bennett had no other assets at the present time but ruled any future monies she held could be used to pay off the balance of the £25,993 she fiddled.

He said the money in the two bank accounts had been restricted by a court order and added: "It is my application that it be seized forthwith."

Bennett, a single mother of twins, admitted at an earlier hearing two specimen charges of fraud and she was given a 42-week jail term suspended for two years.

Judge Martin Walsh who presided over the hearing said he had not imposed an immediate jail sentence because of her health, children and previous good character.

Bennett became financial administrator at the home where she had worked since 2008 but she started taking money to pay her bills after running up mounting debts.

The Judge told her they were mean offences and a gross breach of trust committed against "vulnerable and aged members of society"

The money, the court heard, had been put aside to pay for personal items for residents at the home and also to cover their taxi and bus fares.