A STOURBRIDGE woman who grabbed a neighbour by the hair and punched her in the nose before threatening another with a knife in front of her "terrified" son has been given a 12-month jail term suspended for 18 months.

Nicole Hewitt, who maintained they had been involved in slashing the tyre's on her son's bike, told the second neighbour, "Your're next. You and your wife are going to get it."

The 29-year-old mother - a woman with previous convictions involving violence - had moments earlier used the knife to try and scratch the couple's parked car before raising it in the air and pointing it at the man's chin.

In the attack on the first neighbour she had demanded £15 from the woman to cover the damages to her son's bike before striking the woman in the face.

Hewitt then walked away only to return and punch the woman hard in the nose causing it to bleed and leaving her in considerable discomfort - Richard Franck, prosecuting, said.

Judge Michael Challinor at Wolverhampton Crown Court told Hewitt she had behaved violently and badly towards her neighbours adding: "You were motivated by the belief your son had been bullied. Notwithstanding what you did was unforgiveable."

He added: "People do not feel safe when they have neighbours like you."

Hewitt, of Murcroft Road, Wollescote, admitted affray and common assault and she was further placed on Supervision by the Judge for a year.

He also made a restraining order forbidding her from having any contact whatsoever with the two families involved in the incident.

Jonathan Veasey-Pugh, defending, said it was now the wish of Hewitt to live somewhere else as she stressed she wanted nothing to do with the families.