A PAIR of Brierley Hill brothers who brutally attacked a teenager have been jailed for five years.

Gareth and Aaron Attwood were caged at Wolverhampton Crown Court after being found guilty of beating the 16-year-old unconscious and leaving him with a badly broken jaw in a savage attack at the Fens Pool Nature Reserve.

Their father, Andrew Attwood, aged 46, was also put behind bars for six months for his part in the incident when the boy was chased into the reserve by the family, who believed he was in a gang that had thrown stones at their house.

Judge Michael Dudley told the court it was accepted members of the group being chased had the baseball bat which was later used on the teen.

He added the teenager had been left in a "terrible state" and had been the innocent one in the goup. 

The judge also ruled there had clearly been an element of provocation adding: "There was plainly a background to what took place."

The group of four, he maintained, had been in the area to "cause trouble" but the matter had been in the hands of police officers.

"This matter should have been left there. But what followed was unforgivable."

Aaron Attwood, aged 23, of Westwood Street, and 21-year-old Gareth Attwood, of Fens Crescent, had denied wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

But they were both found guilty by a jury, their father was cleared on the charge.

Andrew Attwood, also of Fens Crescent, was convicted of assaulting a 19-year-old man at the scene causing him actual bodily harm.

Samantha Powis, for Andrew Attwood, said he had struck the victim one blow on his lower leg adding: "He is not a man predisposed to violence."

Christopher O'Gorman, for Gareth Attwood, a man of previous good character, said he made the mistake of being carried along with the crowd.

Gurdeep Garcha, for Aaron Attwood, said: "The red mist descended and stupidity took over. He got carried away in the moment. He was not the author of the incident."

After the case the father of the victim said: "I do not care about the men who did this. Neither I or my son knew anything about them before this happened. All I was interested in was seeing justice done."