A WALL HEATH student will see her artwork featured in a national exhibition exploring disability which is touring the country.

Amy Simmons, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome - a type of Autism - submitted her illustrated postcard to Postcards from the Edges, a new project focusing on life and disability a year after the Paralympics.

Amy’s postcard, titled ‘Autism from the inside out’ will feature alongside postcards from celebrities including Oscar winning actress Emma Thompson and Olympic gold medalist Sally Gunnell.

The project has been launched by national disability charity, United Response, to mark its 40th anniversary.

Anyone with an interest in disability was invited to express themselves on a blank postcard.

More than 500 postcards were submitted, with just 40 specially chosen to be showcased for the exhibitions.

Amy, of Victoria Street, is taking a course in cultural studies at Birmingham University.

The 28-year-old said: “When I heard my work had been chosen as a showcase piece I was over the moon.

“The postcard is a combination of anger and hope.

“Anger at the discrimination and prejudice many people with Asperger’s face and hope for the determination I have to make a change for the better.

“I also wanted to raise awareness about my ambitions rather than my limitations.

“Most awareness campaigns focus on the limitations of a person’s disability.

“I want to illustrate how autistic people have the same ambitions as everyone else.”

United Response hopes the campaign will promote inclusion, raise awareness and celebrate diversity.

Su Sayer CBE, United Response’s chief executive, said: “The Paralympics shone a spotlight on disabled sporting heroes.

“We wanted to pick up the baton and go further, celebrating the everyday lives and achievements of ordinary disabled people.

“The resulting exhibition is a real explosion of creative energy, offering a kaleidoscope of different experiences.

“Some postcards are very moving, some are funny and others are simply beautiful, but the overall experience is eye opening and inspiring.”

The exhibition will be at the Bankside Gallery, Southbank, London, from September 10 to 15 as well as other dates.

For details visit http://www.unitedresponse.org.uk/