LOCAL artists will display their work at an exhibition in Stourbridge on Saturday (October 26).

The event, at St Thomas’s Church Hall, has been organised by Sheila Hill, a member of Hagley Art Club.

Mrs Hill said she tries to sell pictures as often as she can, but said most venues available for exhibitions are either “too expensive” or are “not in places where they are likely to attract many visitors”.

But undeterred she has booked the church hall, Market Street, and has gathered an enthusiastic bunch of local artists to join her.

She continued: “I know it Is a bit of a risk as I have not attempted anything like this before, but with a bit of luck and some help, I think it could be very successful. It would be great to show Stourbridge what hidden talents some of their residents have.”

The event will run from 11am to 4pm.

Admission is free.