LABOUR Party activists campaigned at Stourbridge Junction Railway Station this week against inflation-busting rail fares.

Protesters were joined by shadow transport minister Richard Burden and the Labour Parliamentary candidate for the town, Dudley councillor Pete Lowe, for Monday’s Morning of Action.

They are angry at the soaring cost of train travel, with new increases averaging 2.8 per cent and season tickets up by 20 per cent since the Coalition Government came to power.

Cllr Lowe said: “People in Stourbridge have seen inflation busting rail fare rises. Local people are rightly very angry.

“At a time when real wages are falling and living costs rising, this is a New Year shocker from the Tory-led Government.

“It is not right that under this Tory-led Government season ticket prices from Stourbridge to Birmingham have risen by over £100. We need real action from the Government, not just warm words to get fares down.”

In 2010 a season ticket from Stourbridge Junction to Birmingham Snowhill cost £613, last year it rose to £717 and this month’s increase has pushed the cost up to £737.

Mr Burden added: “Over the last three years David Cameron has failed to stand up for working people, allowing train companies to hit passengers with inflation-busting price rises."