A STOURBRIDGE man who took on a hair-raising charity challenge that saw him step back in time, has raised £600 for Diabetes UK.

Nigel Hallett, aged 49, sported a spiky mullet in the 80s and when a friend challenged him to recreate the look last year, he accepted.

Instead of growing his hair simply for his friends amusement, Mr Hallett has decided to use it as an opportunity to raise cash for a charity close to his heart.

The pharmacy dispenser at Lloyds Pharmacy, Lye, explained: “There are so many awesome charities out there, it was a difficult choice. I looked at all the possibilities and decided on the obvious one for me really, Diabetes UK as I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1995.”

He continued: “In those days, things were so difficult to get to grips with. I had to use a syringe and a vial to measure and inject my insulin. I had lost a ton of weight, going down to 6.5 stone, I felt very lethargic, my eyesight was blurry and my muscles felt like lead.

“Things have come along in leaps and bounds since then. There are insulin pens, blood glucose monitors and insulin pumps now. I have been using the pump for roughly six years and it has given me my life back.”

Mr Hallett has now said goodbye to the mullet once more but said the challenge was “a very heart warming and touching experience”.

He added: “I was amazed with the response via the online donations and people coming into work and giving me money to support my cause. It was a very heart warming and touching experience.”