A STOURBRIDGE man who carried out a "revenge" raid on his mother's home has been jailed for 16 months.

Kristoffer Dakin was caught out by the CCTV system she had installed after he had previously broken in to her house in Central Avenue, Wollescote.

"This was a selfish violation of your mother's home," Recorder Ciaran Rankin told Dakin, "It was borne out of spite."

He told Dakin it was clear there was a "state of hostility" between him and members of his family adding, "You have a history of disobedience towards court orders."

Dakin was the subject of a restraining order to keep away from his mother’s house but he was filmed as he kicked in the front door.

The 22-year-old who had also been barred from going anywhere near his grandfather's home in nearby Cemetery Road, got away with a bagful of goods, including a laptop, games console and mobile, said Mark Phillips, prosecuting.

But he told Wolverhampton Crown Court the majority of the property was later recovered by investigating police officers when they arrested Dakin.

When later questioned by the officers, Dakin told them he had issues with his mother and he carried out the attack on her home because he "wanted revenge"

The burglary, added Mr Phillips, caused a great deal of heartache to Dakin's mother - a woman who did not enjoy the best of health.

Dakin, now of no fixed address, admitted the burglary, three breaches of the restraining order and he further asked for two other thefts to be taken into consideration.

They involved him taking a motor cycle, valued at £900, from Westminster Road, Stourbridge, and a moped, worth £500, from Norfolk Road, Wollaston, said Mr Phillips.

Jas Mann, defending, said Dakin had admitted the other offences because he wanted to "clear his conscience" and make a fresh start when he had completed his time behind bars.

"There is plainly a problem between him and his mother and a state of affairs exists where they have no time for each other," he added.

"He hopes at some stage he will begin to think differently. He burgled the house because he was getting back at her and there is no excuse for what he did."