THE family of a Stourbridge teenager who died from an undiagnosed blood clot are unsatisfied with the inquest conclusion that she died of natural causes.

Laura Louise Pincher, of Hadcroft Grange, died at Russells Hall Hospital in Dudley on October 28 last year, aged 18.

Yesterday's inquest at Dudley Coroners Court , heard the unemployed teen had visited her GP at Three Villages Medical Practice in Wollaston on October 21, as she was experiencing discomfort in her left lower leg.

The inquest was told deep vein thrombosis (DVT) was flagged up as a possible cause of the pain, as the leg was three centimetres larger than her right .

An appointment was made for Laura to be examined at Russells Hall Hospital later that afternoon, where she had a blood test and was asked to return the next day to have a scan.

Dr Anthony D'Sa told the inquest the scan, which examined her from the groin to her lower leg had been "challenging" due to Laura's body mass index but added that although "no test is 100 per cent" there was "no evidence" to suggest there was a thrombosis.

Laura was referred back to her GP and was seen by Dr Jonathan Tatton on October 23, who told the inquest : "She said she was still in pain but said it wasn't any worse than before. It was considered it could be a muscular strain or tear that was behind the pain."

Dr Tatton said he prescribed Laura painkillers and a gel to put on her leg.

He added that while DVT was in the "back of his mind", as Laura had only had the scan the day before, he didn't feel that she should be sent for a another scan immediately.

Laura contacted the surgery again on October 28 and requested an appointment with a specific doctor.

When told that doctor was not available, she later visited a walk-in centre at Holly Hall Clinic, Dudley, complaining of breathing difficulties.

She was given medication but later that day she went into cardiac arrest at home and despite the best efforts of her father, paramedics and A&E staff at Russells Hall Hospital, she could not be resuscitated.

Assistant deputy coroner for the Black Country, Angus Smillie said the post mortem found the medical cause of death was a pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis due to morbid obesity.

He concluded Laura died of natural causes.

Following the inquest, Laura's mother Jane Pincher said the family were in talks with a solicitor to seek answers as to why the teenager’s condition was undiagnosed.

She said: "How can you say an 18-year-old girl has died of natural causes when there was a blood clot in her lungs? That's not natural."