PLANS for an Islamic education centre on the site of a former Lye pub have been unveiled.

Weekly Qur'an classes could soon be taking place at The Old Bell on Chapel Street, if Dudley planners approve the plans submitted by Rashid Aziz on behalf of the Islamic Community and Education Centre.

The charitable trust aims to convert the public house into a centre buzzing with activity, which will meet the "social, spiritual and educational needs of the community" through a range of "lifestyle studies and personal development programmes".

Activites would include work with local schools and neighbourhood watch schemes, raising awareness of cultural diversity, sports sessions and counselling and advisory services.

In planning documents, submitted to the council, Mr Aziz said: "As a charity we have been looking for suitable premises to purchase to base our services and activities from.

"In fulfilling the vision of our charity, we recently purchased the building which was a former pub.

"This building is at the heart of the community we are serving."

He continued: "We believe that this centre will be a source of benefit for the entire community. Social cohesion is at the heart of everything we do.

"In due course we hope to establish a lasting relationship with faith and non-faith communities, as well as statutory organisations and civil bodies.

"We passionately believe in working with all sections of society irrespective of their race, faith, social background, disability or any other identity."