A KINVER author has delved into the world of match-fixing for his latest gritty crime novel.

The new release from Tom Bryson is set in Birmingham, as he likes to write about places he is familiar with.

Mr Bryson, who has been writing for around 10 years, said: "When giving talks to groups, my readers tell me they like to read about places they are familiar with as it adds to their satisfaction with the story.

"I believe the potential for great stories and drama set in the Midlands region is much neglected. The success of the TV series Peaky Blinders is a case in point."

Released next month, In It For The Money sees cop, DCI Matt Proctor, open a Pandora's box of spot fixing and violence.

As he seeks the truth, his life and those of his close friends and colleagues placed in grave danger.

Mr Bryson, a former HR manager for Centro, said: "It has been in the news a lot about corruption in sport and I thought it was a topical issue to write a story about."

The book will be available from Amazon.