A WOLLASTON man has completed a gruelling 10 week training course to kick-start his Navy career.

Jan Capewell, a trainee engineer technician (weapons submariner) was put through his paces during the course at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall, with a series of physical and mental challenges.

The 25-year-old was inspired to join the Navy as his grandfather, Phillip Capewell, was part of RAF Bomber Command between 1944 and 1951.

But his achievement was tinged with sadness as his grandfather passed away during the first week of training.

Jan, who studied at Edgecliff High School, Kinver, worked as a storeman and behind a bar before embarking on his naval career, which he hopes would provide “a more secure upbringing” for his three children, Paris, aged three, Tallulih, aged two and one-year-old Pixie.

He continued: “Because of grandad I had the strength to push through what was possibly the most physically and mentally demanding period of my life to date.”

Throughout training he has been engaged in team work exercises that mimic the operations that the Navy is engaged in all over the globe.

As well as the basics such as marching and fitness sessions, he has also learned how to handle an SA80 assault rifle, seamanship techniques and how to tackle floods and fires at sea.

His next port of call will be HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, where he will begin a five month course, to learn about theNavy's weapons systems, safety procedures, electrical and electronic repair techniques and the basic of hydraulics and pneumatics.

Having chosen a career as a submariner Jan will then return to HMS Raleigh to learn how to operate beneath the waves at the Royal Navy Submarine School.