A WOMAN involved in a hit and run outside her Wollaston home has appealed for witnesses to come forward.

Helen Holloway of Park Road, was left lying on the pavement, unconscious, after she was hit by a car last Wednesday at around 5.45pm.

The driver failed to stop and she suffered a blow to the head and a fractured pelvis and was kept in hospital overnight.

Miss Holloway, aged 46, was picking up her wheelie bin, which had fallen into the road, when she was struck.

She said: "There was nothing coming when I leant over, I don't know where they came from. I was knocked unconscious straight away, I don't remember hitting the floor.

"When I woke up I was lying on the pavement and there was a wing mirror in the road.

"It was a very scary experience, just being left on the pavement with nobody around. I keep getting flashbacks of it. In the end a little boy came walking up the street and I asked him to get help.

"I was struggling to get up, I thought I had fractured my hip, I was in so much pain."

Miss Holloway continued: "I can't go out at the moment and I'm walking with a frame, they say it will take six weeks for the fracture to knit and then I'll probably need physio.

"The neighbours didn't see anything but someone might have been passing by and saw something."

Anyone with information should contact Dudley Police on 101