A LOVESICK man has been jailed after making more than 300 telephone calls in one day to his former Kingswinford girlfriend whom he also threatened to stab.

Daryl Cooper, who was locked up for 18 months, could not cope with being told it was over by Victoria Whitworth and he also slashed one of the tyres on her car as his text messages became aggressive and threatening, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

The 23-year-old also kicked out at a car belonging to one of her friends leaving behind a large dent and arranged for the delivery of four bags of pizzas to her home in Standhills Road - Sati Ruck, prosecuting, said.

Miss Whitworth had made it clear she no longer wanted any contact with Cooper having ended their relationship because of his controlling behaviour.

But he then continually caused her harassment and after he said he would stab her and her grandmother she reported the matter to the police.

Jas Mann, defending, said: "He simply did not have the tools to deal with being rejected.

"He set about in a very immature fashion trying to reignite their relationship. She was entitled to reject his advances and he accepts he became difficult."

Mr Mann told the court Cooper thought they had a "very loving relationship" and he accepted he acted very badly when it came to an end.

He added: "He is sorry for what he did and he will learn from the experience."

Cooper, of Clarendon Street, Wolverhampton, admitted harassment and putting Miss Whitworth in fear of violence and two charges of criminal damage.

He further admitted the offences breached a nine-month jail term for producing cannabis that had been suspended for 18 months by the Crown Court in March last year.

Recorder David Herbert jailed him for a year for the charges involving Miss Whitworth and ruled he should serve a further six months behind bars for the breach.

He said: "After the breakdown of your relationship she told you she wanted no further contact but you would not accept that.

"You telephoned her repeatedly as well as leaving a number of messages that were extremely unpleasant."

He said Cooper then became threatening and he was also a nuisance by sending the pizzas to her home.

The stabbing threats, he added, were "designed to cause her serious upset".

It must also have been frightening, he concluded, when Cooper kicked out at her friend's car. He added: "This was a persistent course of conduct and it ended with serious threats."