A CHARITY that provides respite care for children still suffering from aftermath of the world's worst nuclear disaster is looking for host families in Stourbridge.

Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline brings youngsters from Belarus over to the UK each year to get a break from the daily bombardment of radiation following the 1986 disaster.

Organiser Ann Becke, said: "According to experts, a four-week holiday in a clean environment reduces radiation levels in a child’s body by 50-80 per cent. "It has been scientifically proven, however, that four weeks here with clean food and fresh air can improve their immune systems by two years.

"We all tend to think that Chernobyl was a long time ago and sometimes forget that the legacy of such a disaster lives on and on."

She continued: "The children of Belarus face adversity of a degree that is difficult to comprehend. It is difficult to believe that that they have to live and experience the legacy on a day to day basis.

"The children’s visit here is a bright spot in their lives and the memories they take back and the friendships they have made help sustain them in the future."

Youngsters will be in Stourbridge between August 2 and 30 and the charity is keen to hear from people willing to host the children or make a small donation towards their airfares.

Anyone who would like to support the charity should call Mrs Becke on 07711154401 or 01384 877220.