THE breakfast crew from Free Radio came to Stourbridge to beat the Swan's Man versus Food hotdog challenge but were beaten by the sausage.

Ed Nell from the Ed and Cat breakfast show tackled the metre long hotdog and fries challenge but could not finish the meat or the fries, or the bread within the 20 minute time limit.

Ed, who used to live in Wollaston, said: "I know the Swan really well so thought it would be great for the radio show to tackle the Man versus Food challenge.

"However, I have to admit that I have been beaten fairly and squarely by a sausage."

Ed only joined Cat James two weeks ago and is on air from 6am to 10am on Free Radio Black Country on 97.2fm.

The full to bursting DJ said: "Our listeners were intrigued when I said I would take on the Man versus Food challenge at the Swan and after hearing how I failed I'm sure they will be coming in their droves to try and complete it but good luck to them."

Manager of the Swan Jonathan Bishop agreed to act as a pacesetter to Ed and do the challenge himself.

He said: "I've seen over 70 people try this challenge but after trying to do it and failing it I don't think I want to see another sausage in my life."