BLACK Country singletons looking for love while battling against a medical condition, physical disability or compulsive behaviour are being sought to appear in a new TV show.

Production company Betty is making a new documentary series about relationships which will follow single people whose love lives have been affected by a medical or physical condition that may not be immediately visible - and as a result they may choose not to reveal all about themselves in the early stages of dating.

Programme-makers hope to hear from people with problems such as skin conditions, alopecia, uncontrollable sweating, excess hair growth, narcolepsy, obsessive compulsive disorders and any other body issues to discuss how frank and honest relationship seekers should be with potential partners on a first date.

A spokesman for Betty said: “Throughout the series our contributors will be raising awareness about their conditions and we hope the show will challenge preconceptions that may exist.

“We want to sensitively portray their search for love and growth in confidence and inspire others in similar situations.”

Applicants must be over 18.

Anyone interested in taking part can call 0207 290 0530 or email