DEBT riddled Dudley folk are being urged to come forward and discuss their financial problems.

Free advice is being made available to help people deal with their cash crisis.

But the Centre for Equality and Diversity which has been set up in Dudley insist far too few people are asking for help.

Peter Dyson, who is a volunteer at the CFED which is situated in Stone Street, spent many years working for the department of work and pensions and said: "These are tough times for people and we want to make sure they have access to this vital service.

"I'm sure there are plenty of people in Dudley who need help with their finances - but they're not coming forward.

"Money is the biggest issue in town - it effects everyone. There is an alternative to debt and hopefully we can give people the help and support they need to avoid it.

"I've known people who have been too frightened to open their own mail and cry like a baby - they become frozen.

"But if they don't open their letters, the next thing is that they'll receive a visit from the bailiffs. If only they would come to us!

"As a society, we've made it too easy for people to get into debt.

"Just look at Dudley. There are five pay day loan shops and five betting shops in the town centre. It tells you everything. We need to reach people before they fall into debt.

"We're not social workers at the CFED, we're volunteers and really care about the people we help. We don't get a penny for doing it!

The service is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who offer advice on managing bills, tips on where to shop and general help plus support in managing money.

People can use the service without even leaving their homes.

The CFED will also meet people at convenient community locations to help with face-to-face assistance Anyone aged 18 and over can access this borough wide service.

They can email

Alternatively they can contact Peter by phoning or texting 07936 576194.