A QUARRY Bank woman who conned a househoulder into believing she had over £1million in the bank so she could buy his smart, detached home which she trashed before being rumbled has been warned she could face jail.

Bethany Pole persuaded Tony Sheridan to allow her to move into the Kingswinford property before the £250,000 sale was completed but her scam left him with financial difficulties but the Moss Grove house was repossessed by the bank and sold when he hit problems keeping up the mortgage, Wolverhampton Crown Court heard.

Pole, of Old High Street, has admitted dishonestly making a representation that she had sufficient funds to buy the house which first went onto the market with a price tag of £300,000.

She was remanded on unconditional bail for a second time by Recorder Stuart Sprawson so details can be obtained of the full loss suffered by Mr Sheridan in the fraud.

The Recorder told her the issue of the loss was important to the sentence she would receive but he stressed he was holding no promises about her fate.

He said: "This was quite clearly a pre-planned fraud and a couple allowed you to use their home. You abused that trust and you caused damage which resulted in a loss in the value of the property."

It was a case, he maintained, which passed the custody threshold as he ruled Pole must return to the court for sentencing on April 23.

Edward Soulsby, prosecuting, said it was vital information was obtained about the full loss suffered by Mr Sheridan who is now living in Florida.

Gurdeep Garcha, for Pole, told the court the mum-of-two had been suffering from post natal depression and had also been isolated from her family.

He said it was vital that contact was made with Mr Sheridan to find out just what equity he had in the property which had been sold by the bank for £262,500.

The court had earlier been told Pole had agreed to pay £900 a month rent for the house while the sale was completed because she had to leave her current home but her cheques then began to bounce.

She then produced documentary evidence that she had savings and produced a bank statement from HSBC which showed their was over £1million in her account.

But the estate agents handling the sale became suspicious and when they carried out an investigation they discovered Pole had no money.

She was immediately asked to leave the property but when she had gone items were found to be missing, bags of rubbish were strewn around and an £8,000 floor had been ripped up.