WEST Mercia Police have reached a deal to use Hagley Parish Council's offices in Worcester Road as a drop off point - although the arrangement is unlikely to cut much ice with local residents.

Even though West Mercia describe the facilities as a Community Policing Post, it will not be open to the public.

West Mercia spokesman, Inspector Sarah Corteen, said: "We are pleased to be able to use the parish council facilities, enabling us to continue to strengthen our links with the people of Hagley."

But in fact Hagley has seen no permanent police presence since the Kidderminster Road station became non operational - despite West Mercia lavishing £275,000 worth of improvements on the building back in 2008.

The station officially closed this Monday April 7and is currently being de-commissioned as part of West Mercia's drive to make £20 million worth of cuts.

West Mercia believe the venue change will enable them to be more visible within the community.

Barrie Sheldon, deputy police and crime commissioner for West Mercia, said: "It's important that our Safer Neighbourhood teams are as visible and accessible as possible, therefore I am pleased they will continue to have a presence in the local area.

County Councillor Rachel Jenkins admitted to being less than impressed by the new arrangement and said: "As far as I'm aware, it's just a stop-off point for police to use the facilities.

"What people really want to see is a police presence in Hagley.

"Most people aren't happy about the policing situation in Hagley. They' would like to see a presence because it re-assures them - but it seems the police now operate differently out of a squad car.

"I would encourage people to attend the PACT meetings, details of which are available on the Parish Council's website."