A PETITION on the new homes bonus was presented to members of Bromsgrove District Council at its latest meeting.

During the meeting, held on Wednesday, (April 16), the petition requesting that New Homes Bonus money is reallocated to communities directly affected by new housing development following public consultation, was considered.

Hagley Residents Action Group (HRAG) launched its campaign after councillors voted to place money from the Government's New Homes Bonus scheme in a central district pot.

The group's petition attracted 1,400 signatures, beyond the 1,250 required as a trigger to get the issue on a full council agenda.

Lead petitioner Peter Rowbottom, from HRAG, presented the petition. He said the fact this was the first time a petition had ever attracted the number of signatures needed, demonstrated constituent's depth of feeling on the issue.

He added he hoped councillors would support a change in policy.

Council chairman June Griffiths explained as a decision had previously been made, she was proposing a cross party working group be set up to look at it again.

It was suggested the council leader, opposition leaders, and potentially a community representative be involved.

This was passed following a vote.