WOODWORKING wizard Jamie Hubbard is keeping his fingers crossed some of his creations will soon be showcased on Channel 4's spin-off show Grand Designs Live.

Jamie has teamed up with rising young horticulturist and garden designer Ben Harrison to compete in a competition which will be judged in London by Grand Designs presenter Kevin McCloud.

Ben, aged 23, has created a lounge garden for the competition while Jamie has provided a chimney breast with some additional pieces of artwork which he hopes will catch the eye of the judges.

There are four finalists taking part, with filming set for Saturday May 3 - although the programme won't hit the screens until a later date.

Jamie, whose workshop is based at the Ruskin Glass Centre in Amblecote, said: "We're one of Stourbridge's best kept secrets. There must be a total of 20 creative artists working here and I hope the television programme will help to put us on the map.

Jamie has been based at the Wollaston Road centre for the past year having been made redundant from his previous job at Sealine in Kidderminster where he finished up designing boats.

A skilled joiner by trade, the 43-year-old began work by creating church furniture but he said: "I do anything that is wooden. I can create, design, restore or repair. I quite often work to commission. I've done anything from kitchens to chopping boards."