ANTI-scam campaigners in Dudley are calling on people to fight back against con artists aiming to fleece vulnerable victims.

Cons are shockingly commonplace with crooks targeting people in a variety of ways by phone calls, emails of doorstep calling.

Dudley Citizens Advice Bureau says just five per cent of people report scams and the time has come for people to tell the authorities about dodgy adverts or suspect sales pitches.

Caroline Dimbylow, from Dudley District Citizens Advice Bureau, said: “Scammers can’t continue to get away with fleecing people of their hard-earned money. We want to see a fight back against scams.

“It is a disgrace that scammers often target elderly people with sophisticated scams such as posing as their bank or phone company. People regularly come to us with heart-breaking stories about con artists taking their money and it’s important that people know what to look out for and what they can do.

“Anyone who is unsure about someone asking for their financial details should check with someone they trust and report anything that sounds dodgy.”

Dudley Trading Standards received 251 complaints in the last 12 months from people who have been victims of fraudsters.

The most common scams in Dudley include prize draws and offers of goods through the post as well as online shopping auctions.

Trading Standards officers are urging people to avoid becoming a victim by not giving financial or personal information online or over the phone. People are also advised to check details before responding and never send money to people they don’t know.

May is Scam Awareness month, for more information visit, people can report potential scams to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040.