A 24-YEAR-OLD Brierley Hill man who crashed his car into a factory wall after being banned from the roads for dangerous driving has been jailed for 40 weeks.

Trevor Mills lost control of the Ford Mondeo, struck the wall and both he and his girlfriend, who was a passenger in the vehicle, suffered minor injuries - Wolverhampton Crown Court.

It was then quickly discovered that Mills was the subject of a four-year driving disqualification after being involved in a police chase - David Lees, prosecuting, said.

He said Mills had admitted driving dangerously, without a licence or insurance and he had also been given a 42-week jail term suspended for two years.

That was in October 2012, Mr Lees told the court, with Mills hitting the wall of commercial premises in Dalton Road, Rowley Regis, in January this year.

Mills, of Montgomery Crescent, admitted driving while disqualified, again with no insurance or a licence and breaching the suspended sentence.

Judge John Warner jailed him for weeks for the offences but ruled he should have to stay behind bars for a further 32 weeks for the breach.

Stephen Hamblett, defending, said Mills accepted he had been extremely foolish buying the car when he had been banned from the roads.

He said he succumbed to temptation and got behind the wheel to take his girlfriend to pick up some of her belongings before they went away.