HAGLEY residents have given their backing to the introduction of car parking fees in the village.

Parish Council proposals to operate a pay and display system in the shopper's car park have met with support from local groups.

Although precise details have yet to be finalised, the scheme is expected to come into effect on October 1.

Hagley Parish Council has stressed the new system will include sufficient free parking to accommodate the needs of genuine shoppers.

Parish councillors admit the decision will not prove popular with everyone but they insist they have responded to complaints from residents who claim the current car parking situation is being abused.

As a result, the parish council conducted its own survey and discovered that on most days up to 60 per cent of available spaces were occupied by the same vehicle for three hours or more.

Peter Rowbottom of Hagley Residents Action Group, said: "The problems are being caused by people coming into the shopper's car park early and then taking the train to work. It is also being used by business owners and their staff.

"As a result, people are coming into the village to use the shops, finding all the spaces full and going elsewhere.

"Consequently local shops and businesses are losing out in the long run.

"The parish council proposals will be welcomed by legitimate shoppers as many residents have complained they can't get into their own village.

"I feel the parish council has been very fair and pro-active by involving as many people as possible.

"They've only reacted as a result of resident's concern."

Alan Knight, who represents Hagley Business Association, added: "The details have yet to be worked out at the moment, but it's a difficult situation in Hagley.

"We need to create sufficient car parking space for shoppers as well as people who work in Hagley.

"We also want to discourage people who use the train and take up valuable car parking space but we also need to make sure the proposals don't hurt local business."