A WORDSLEY headteacher is calling for action after the playground at Ashwood Park Primary School was left littered with raw sewage following a flash flood.

The play area at the school, off Bells Lane, was left covered with sanitary items, toilet paper and “heaven knows what else” according to headteacher Steve Hudson after heavy rainfall caused clogged storm drains to overflow on Monday morning.

Meanwhile sewage water rose up to the sills on staff cars parked on the car park.

Mr Hudson said the school managed the situation as best it could but he confessed: “I believe the unsanitary nature of the school site is placing my children and staff at risk.”

And he is now calling for urgent action to be taken to improve the flow of storm water around the school.

He said: "It's an ongoing problem; it's happened four times in the four years that I've been here.

"We were able to keep the school open because the children were already inside when it happened. We kept them away from the contaminated area and happily we've got another gate to the school and we got everybody in and out that way but we need a long term solution as soon as we can. We consider it a matter of urgency.

"When it's been worse than this we've had it lapping at the classroom doors. It wasn't as prolonged this time but it came pretty close."

Severn Trent, which later that day sent a clean up team out to jet wash the affected area, said options to reduce the impact on the school in the short term were being looked at before a permanent solution can be agreed on.

A spokesman said: “We’d like to apologise to the school community for the flooding events that have happened recently. We’re working hard to find a solution.

"Over the next 12 months we will carry out manhole surveys, flow monitoring and verify the hydraulic model for the school. Once we have an accurate model of the area, we will design possible solutions.

“We fully accept this is not an ideal situation in the short term, but it is important that we fully understand the mechanism of flooding before we start the permanent solution. We will be working hard to identify the permanent solution as soon as possible, and we’ll be talking to the school community throughout this process.”

Meanwhile Dudley South MP Chris Kelly expressed his concern over the flood and urged water company bosses to "get this work underway as soon as possible".

He said: “This is clearly a terrible situation for a primary school to be having to deal with. Councillor Glenis Simms and I are very concerned about this.”

Newly-elected UKIP councillor Paul Brothwood added: "It was absolutely vile - I've never smelled anything like it."

And he said he had raised the matter with the Environment Agency as the contaminated water also seeped into the River Stour.