STOURBRIDGE fibreglass company Quantum Mouldings is quitting its Enville Street premises and switching its operation to the former Sealine factory in Kidderminster.

All of the 25-strong workforce are involved in the move to Kidderminster which is expected to be completed by late September.

Owner and director Peter Wooldridge believes the move will create up to ten new jobs and expects the company to double in size within the next three years.

He revealed: "We're absolutely chockablock at the moment and having to turn work away simply because we haven't enough space at Enville Street. The move will allow us to take on bigger contracts and move into emerging green markets.

"I would have liked to have found somewhere in Stourbridge and we looked at a number of sites but couldn't find anywhere suitable.

"There's an awful lot of property in Stourbridge to let - but not to buy. I did seriously look at the former Helix site, but that turned out to be a non-starter."

The company originally formed as Quantum Sports Cars in 1985 when situated at the Yardley Works in Lye. It moved to Enville Street in 1992.

Quantum is now involved in GRP manufacturing and has grown significantly in recent times.

The firm will be investing £1.2million into 50,000 square feet of the former Sealine site that will include building new offices and upgrading the factory before installing state-of-the-art machinery.

Mr Wooldridge added: "We will have four times more space at Sealine, which will be wonderful. Our present site at Enville Street covers 0.8 of an acre, whereas we'll have 3.7 acres at Sealine. The extra space will help improve our production processes and that will make us more efficient."

Quantum has been given help from the European Regional Development Fund through its Green Bridge Supply Chain Programme which will match fund some of the moving costs.

Mr Wooldridge added: "Nobody will be losing their job over the move. We have a very valued workforce and we are nothing without our people."