DUDLEY Zoo has celebrated a conservation first with the birth of three Carpathian lynx cubs.

The triplets, born on May 23, spent their first few weeks cosying up in the internal dens with four-year-old mum, Daisy, but this week started to explore the great outdoors.

Assistant curator, Richard Brown, said: “We’re all absolutely delighted with the cubs’ progress.

“Daisy is a first-time mum, but is coping brilliantly at raising all three of them. The cubs are gorgeous, but we've got a few more weeks to wait until we find out what sex they are, when we'll also be giving them their first vaccinations.”

Carpathians are a relatively new species to the zoo’s collection.

Male lynx Dave was relocated from Salzburg Zoo in Austria and female Daisy from Zoo Veszprem,, Hungary, in autumn 2012, as part of a European conservation programme.

Zoo registrar and research co-ordinator, Dr David Beeston, said: “We’ve held Eurasian lynx for many years at DZG and last had cubs 27 years ago, but Daisy and Dave are our first ever pair of Carpathians, so we’re all very excited to welcome the new arrivals, who are already playing an important role in the breeding programme for thisrare subspecies.”

To see a video of the lynx triplets check out http://www.dudleyzoo.org.uk/news/meet-our-carpathian-lynx-cubs