A BLACK Country glass and waterways expert was shocked to discover he’s been immortalised with the likes of rock star Robert Plant and author JK Rowling in a piece of art adorning the new-look Crown Centre.

The artwork was unveiled last October when the rebuilt shopping centre, new Tesco store and library foyer was opened.

But no-one thought to tell author Graham Fisher MBE his was among the notable names hanging from the ceiling outside Stourbridge Library as part of a huge dangling metal sculpture depicting flying book pages - created by Stourbridge artist Luke Perry.

Mr Fisher’s name and a caption, which reads ‘local historian and generally good bloke’, hangs alongside pieces paying tribute to Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant, Harry Potter author JK Rowling and esteemed glassmaker John Northwood who recreated the iconic Portland Vase.

Mr Fisher, who has penned numerous books about glass, history and the area’s canals, said: “It’s wonderful. I am immensely proud to have been afforded such an honour, which I didn't even know about until the artist Luke Perry kindly informed me a few days back.”

Luke said he had got so busy creating the massive installation that he'd forgotten to tell all those featured.

He said Mr Fisher was included after members of the public were asked who should be honoured in artwork and he added: "I'm really happy that people like Graham got a mention. He represents the best bits about being from the Black Country. He's a bit of a Renaissance man really."

Stourbridge businessman Geoff Hill, the late Alan Trevis-Smith of the West Midlands Historic Buildings Trust and the late Frank Foley, who helped thousands of Jews to flee the Nazis during the Holocaust, are among the other 'local heroes'' commemorated.