DUDLEY Zoological Gardens is among venues across the borough hanging out the flags to celebrate the first-ever Black Country Day today (Monday July 14).

The red, white and black Black Country flag can be seen flying at the top of Dudley Castle and the zoo’s safari shop is selling Black Country Anthem CDs, flags and badges in honour of the event.

Staff have also been teaching out of town visitors a few useful Black Country phrases such as Owamya (how are you are?) and Tara Fer Now (goodbye for now) during Keeper For a Day experiences.

Zoo spokesman Jill Hitchman said: “For many centuries the castle and gardens have been integral threads running through the rich tapestry that is our local heritage.

“Since the zoo opened in 1937 most local folk have a prized snap of Dudley Zoological Gardens in their photo albums, and many started their careers or met their partners on site.

“We are proud to be a much-loved part of Black Country family life.”