KINVER Civic Society are keen to put the village on the map - literally.

Members want to see new and improved signs along the canal towpath, which would encourage walkers and boaters to visit the village.

The society is keen to see finger posts installed from the water station areas and the map, situated by the Vine public house on Dunsley Hill, updated and improved.

Proposals have already received the backing of Kinver Parish Council and chairman Councillor Rachel Davis confirmed: "We would support anything that would encourage more people to visit the village."

Society spokesman Brian Dimmock said: "There is a need for more guidance into the village and I'm certain it would only help the local shopkeepers. But there's a great deal of red tape to get through as we also need to talk with South Staffordshire District Council and the waterways.

"There's a case for having signs both sides of the road by the Vine and by the Lock Keeper's Cottage."

The society is also trying to tempt more Kinver residents to have blue plaques fitted onto their premises, which denote places of interest, but villagers appear reluctant to have them installed on their property.

Mr Dimmock added: "There are a number of buildings in Kinver that have great interest. The Old Forge in Church Hill used to be an armoury, while Bill's Pharmacy and The White Hart are very old buildings with long histories.

"But it seems people are uncomfortable with blue plaques on their premises. They fear it would attract unnecessary intrusion.

"We've had one made and we hope that once fitted, it would encourage more people to have them installed. We have sufficient funds for three more plaques."