DUDLEY topped the charts during a recent West Midlands police gun amnesty with the most firearms and ammunition hand-ins.

Borough cops took in a total of 26 weapons out of a total of 131 from across the entire force area during an initiative which they say is potentially life-saving.

The two-week amnesty window closed on August 2 which means anyone convicted of possession of a banned gun could now face up to life in prison – even if they have no intention of using the weapon.

The officer in charge of the amnesty, Det Insp Andy Bannister, said: “Some of the weapons seized are, I suspect, from exactly the kinds of people we wanted to reach out to, people who under the new legislation are risking life behind bars by looking after guns for friends, relatives or partners through some misguided loyalty.

“Every gun taken off the streets is potentially a life saved.”

The tally for Dudley was 11 pistols, ten air rifles, three shotguns, one rifle and one air pistol and the haul included a pair of World War Two Webley & Scott revolvers.

A large quantity of ammunition was also surrendered during the amnesty, which also saw a number of antique weapons given in which could have been returned to working order by crooks with specialist knowledge.

Under new legislation, anyone given a prison sentence, including suspended sentences, of three months or more is now banned from possessing antique firearms which could previously be held as a curiosity or ornament with a relevant certificate.

Det Insp Bannister said: “The problem of antique weapons being used in crime is an emerging threat we’re addressing. The law has been changed to make communities safer and we welcome the tighter control - the change in legislation closes any loopholes that may be exploited by criminals."

Working weapons will be checked for evidence of criminal use before either being destroyed or retained for police training.

If you suspect anyone to be involved in illegal firearms call West Midlands Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.