STOURTON cyclist Adam Holmes is hoping his career kicks-off following his VIP trip of a lifetime to watch the Tour De France.

The 21-year-old student clinched the trip to France after surprising everyone by winning the Ed Clancy Sprint Challenge earlier this year, a competition run by a local motor dealership.

Adam only added to his reputation by beating Olympic champion Clancy in the process.

His reward meant watching stage 13 of the tour by helicopter, in the company of former professional rider Seamus Harris.

Adam said: "It was brilliant and a real experience. Seamus was great company and knew everyone. it was also interesting to see just how the other half live."

Since his success, Adam, who is studying at Nottingham Trent University, has tried his hand at a couple of road races and added: "I've managed to finish in the bunch both times, but it's not as easy as beating Ed Clancy.

"I hadn't done much cycling before I took part in the challenge and to be honest, I'm still just a boy on a bike."

He continued: "As luck would have it, they're building a new velodrome just down the road from me at Derby and I think I might be better suited to track cycling, so I'll be training hard this winter as the season is now coming to a close.

"My life has definitely changed since winning the challenge but I feel I need someone to get hold of me coaching-wise."