A PENSNETT chip shop took a battering when a car careered off the road and smashed through the window.

The grey BMW narrowly missed the three members of staff working behind the counter at Mandy's Tasty Plaice, Commonside, when it crashed through at 7.30pm last night (Wednesday).

Shop owner Asa Singh said it was "a miracle" that nobody was injured and added: "The car dented the cooking range and if it had been closer, there's a chance the shop might have blown up or if someone was standing in the queue then there could have been a fatality.

"It all happened in within seconds and everyone is really shook up. It's a really dangerous corner and there's always a lot of accidents."

The fryer said the chippy would be closed for up to a fortnight and estimated the damage was in the region of £20,000 as the shop front, floor, tiles and shutter would all have to be replaced.

A West Midlands Police spokesman said the 17-year-old male driver was given a notice of intention to prosecute for dangerous driving and driving without due care and attention.