THE inspirational story of how a street cat called Bob transformed a homeless man's life is being shown at Stourbridge Town Hall on Monday.

The real Bob stars in the heart-warming tale of drug-addicted busker James Bowen journey from Covent Garden gutters to happiness.

Luke Treadaway plays James and his chemistry with Bob the street cat (other cats were tried but paled into insignificance once Bob got onto set).

James life changed when Bob turned up in his supported housing complex. The duo soon become inseparable, giving James the motivation to turn his life around.

Based on the inspirational bestseller of the same title, which was credited with changing public perceptions about the homeless, this is a moving, uplifting and often humorous story of hope.

A Street Cat Named Bob is at Stourbridge Town Hall on Monday at 1.30pm, tickets cost £4.50.