CONSERVATIONISTS have found a den full of wires and metal at Hurst Green Park.

Des Nevett, from Friends of Hurst Green Park, discovered and destroyed the makeshift den.

He said: "Over on the M5 side in a clearing that can be seen from the park there was a little den of industry that had been built.

"Wood from fallen trees had been joined together to form a fence by binding the plastic coating off the stripped wire.

"The stripped wire hanging from bindings of other wire from tree to tree and for some reason a metal bottle rack holder hanging by wire from a tree branch."

He added: "And then below all the plastic covering that had been taken off the wire on the ground.

"We kicked down the encampment and dismantled the wire then we dragged it over with the bottle rack to the work site for Margaret Vine.

"I hope that we have spoilt the fun of the illegal traders and some strangers have been seen on the park acting awkward, we need this park to be safe."