AN investigation has been launched after a young Pedmore Technology College student was allegedly abducted as she walked home yesterday afternoon (Thursday, May 18).

Schools across the borough are also warning pupils to be vigilant following the incident, which took place at about 3.15pm, where a 12-year-old told detectives that she was forced into a black taxi by four white men.

After being taken into the taxi in Teasdale Way, Pedmore, the year 7 pupil reported being driven around for about 90 minutes before the car stopped in Clent.

She was then able to get out and run away before a member of the public found the girl – who was shaken, but unhurt – and helped to call police.

A police spokesman said officers are now interviewing the girl and conducting “extensive CCTV enquiries” to establish what happened.

Inspector Colin Mattinson, from Force CID, said: “The young girl is assisting us with this investigation and, although upset, she has not been physically hurt.

“We have had no reports of anything similar in the area and this would appear to be an isolated incident.

“I understand the concern and fear that such incidents raise in the community and I would urge anyone with information to contact us on 101.”

According to information sent to parents by Thorns Community College, in Quarry Bank, and Halesowen’s Earls High School, the girl was approached by a man who had a foreign accent and appeared to know her, even though the girl did not know who he was.

Borough schools are aware of the incident and staff have been speaking to their pupils about being extra vigilant in the coming days.

In a letter sent out to parents, Earls High School has also advised parents to ensure their children are not commuting to and from school alone.

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