A BRIERLEY Hill waste pile that has been overshadowing homes must be reduced further, the High Court ruled today (Monday June 18).

Bosses at Refuse Derived Fuel Limited (RDF) were ordered last month to reduce a 13-metre pile of rubbish at their Moor Street site down to eight metres - or face being fined, having their assets seized or even a possible prison sentence.

Now following a further hearing at Birmingham Civil Justice Centre they have been told to cut the pile to just six metres by 4pm on Friday October 12.

The court order stated the waste must be shredded/baled and taken off site, and that 500 existing bales must be removed and anything that cannot be shredded and bailed, such as soils and aggregates, should be removed from the site.

RDF must also provide the Environment Agency with monthly progress reports.

David Hudson, environment manager for the Environment Agency, said: “This process has taken longer than we would have liked, but it is moving in the right direction.

“We will continue to work with RDF to resolve this problem, to the benefit of local residents.”

No-one from RDF wished to comment after the hearing.