GENEROUS members of a borough martial arts club have donated equipment to Russells Hall Hospital’s Georgina ward.

Inyoshin School of Martial Arts member Jean Hudson, who attends the club’s tai chi class, raised £670 after she asked for donations instead of presents to mark her 60th birthday.

Jean decided to raise money to buy a television, DVD player and CD radio for the leukaemia unit, as fellow group member Mike Cooper is currently receiving treatment on the ward.

Mike, aged 62, who was on the ward undergoing treatment when the group made their presentation to staff, said: “Jean spoke about raising a little bit of money, but this is a tremendous amount.

“There is a lot of hanging around on the ward as treatment can last around five hours at a time.

“You have to be prepared and I make sure I have a load of books with me, but some people don’t bring anything.

“This equipment will make a huge difference as people can bring their own DVDs in to watch to pass the time.”