STOURBRIDGE Decorative and Fine Art Society has sponsored the making of a eye-catching piece of stained glass to commemorate the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Young people with learning disabilities studying at Amblecote’s Glasshouse College have created the striking stained and fused glass artwork which represents the Olympic torch and the Greek sun god Apollo.

Students Alex Timbrell, who designed the piece, and Zoe Montgomerie, who brought it to fruition, were helped by glass art designer Paul Floyd, whose studio is based at the Ruskin Glass Centre on the college site off Wollaston Road.

The project was funded by Stourbridge DFAS’s Young Arts scheme which aims to help children and young people from different faiths and backgrounds to learn through the arts.

Meriel Harris, chairman of Stourbridge DFAS, described the programme as “immensely valuable”.

She added: “Supporting Young Arts is one of the most important activities within our society and we are proud to have established this link of co-operation with Glasshouse College and the Ruskin Glass Centre during 2012 which marks 400 years of glassmaking Stourbridge.”

The art work will be displayed in the new Ruskin Arts Centre which is due to open in August.