THE Jamaican national flag will be flown from the roof of Dudley Council House on Monday to celebrate 50 years of the country’s independence.

The flag will be flown from the top of the Priory Road building for the day to commemorate the historic occasion.

A civic ceremony will take place at 11am in Coronation Gardens, during which the flag will be raised to the Jamaican national anthem.

The mayor will also present a special hand-crafted glass memento to a representative of the Jamaican community.

Councillor Melvyn Mottram, Mayor of Dudley, said: “It is very important to join our borough’s longstanding Jamaican community in celebrating the 50th anniversary of Jamaican independence.

“Dudley borough is lucky to have such a diverse range of communities who work and live in harmony, and I encourage people of all groups to get together and join in with this historic event.”

Jamaican independence was granted on August 6 1962 and each year the date is dedicated to the remembrance of Jamaican history, as well as the celebration of Jamaican people and their influential culture.